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Approved wording for Storage and Parking of Vehicles and Portable Units



No inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicles shall be parked, kept or stored on any premises, and no vehicle shall at any time be in a state of major disassembly or disrepair or in the process of being stripped or dismantled, unless it is located in a garage or accessory structure and completely enclosed and not visible. All vehicles must be parked on a contiguous paved parking area (paving to consisting of asphalt, concrete or interlocking paving stones; a paved parking area shall not consist of gravel or any other loose aggregate, paving stones, flagstones, or other similar non-interlocking material). With the exception of the driveway area of any residence, the paved surface on any residential lot may not exceed five (5%) percent of the surface area of said lot. The paved surface for parking on the yard of any lot shall not be increased over the amount of paved area shown on the approved construction site plan or installed before the first occupancy of any residence, unless an application is made for a building permit for an additions to the residence that will include a garage, and an additional driveway or parking area may be installed pursuant to such building permit and submitted site plan in accordance with the terms of this section and of all other applicable provisions of the zoning and subdivision ordinances. No property owners or tenants shall repair or restore any vehicle of any kind upon any lot except normal maintenance or emergency repairs where such vehicle is in view of the street. No motor vehicle, mobile home, boat, recreational vehicle, quad, or motor bike, tractor or trailer may be parked on an unpaved area of the yard, or on any patio, deck, sidewalk or similar area. There shall be no outside storage or parking upon any residential lot of any tractor, trailer, commercially licensed vehicle greater than 16,001 pound gross weight mobile home, boat, recreational vehicle, quad, motor bike, or similar vehicle of any kind. Commercially licensed vehicles, or other vehicles which are parked on a residential lot for purposes of providing a commercial or retail service or delivery to that residential lot may be parked thereon between the hours of 7AM until 9PM of each day, Monday through Saturday, and on Sundays for emergency repair or service purposes. A boat or recreational vehicle may be stored outside upon the paved area of a residential lot for a period not exceeding four consecutive days, and said boat or recreational vehicle shall only be kept outside for no more than eight days during any calendar month. Commercial vehicles and trailers, which are being used for a construction project on any lot, may be parked on any residential lot between Monday at 7AM until Friday at 6PM in any calendar week; commercial vehicles and trailers, which are being used for a construction project on any residential lot may not be parked on the lot from Friday at 6PM until the following Monday at 7AM). Portable storage units (commonly referred to as PODs or other similar equipment) shall be placed only on the paved area of the front yard of any residential lot and shall only be so stored for a period of five consecutive days, and only for that period of up to five consecutive days, twice during any calendar year. An increase in driveway or parking space may be allowed as part of a construction plan for an addition to an existing residence, which adds a garage; the additional driveway or parking must be shown on a site plan submitted for approval of the building permit, and comply with all other terms and conditions of the zoning ordinance, property maintenance ordinance, subdivision ordinance, and all other applicable ordinances. The term vehicles as used in this section 1018 shall include commercially licensed vehicles, mobile homes, boats, recreational vehicles, quads, motor bikes, tractors, trailers or other similar vehicles or storage units.